The books made with the contribution of INSO


INSO S.p.A. – Florence - 1993

The functional recovery and the renovation of the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome, one of the first Italian facilities specialized in the treatment of the HIV.

NEW HOSPITAL OF VIMERCATE – A great construction project on a human scale

Regione Lombardia / Vimercate Salute S.p.A. - Milan - 2009

The execution of the Vimercate Hospital, from its design to its construction in project financing. The story of an excellence of the Regione Lombardia.

Archea Associati
ANTINORY WINERY – Diary of building a new landscape

Forma Edizioni srl - Poggibonsi - 2012
ISBN 978-88-96780-33-6

An example of sustainable development, the new winery of the Marchesi Antinori is inserted in the vineyards of Chianti almost without touching the landscape. The architectural design by Studio Archea that totally develops underground, translated into reality by Inso.

Arturo Carlo Quintavalle
Giovanni Battista Maria Falcone - ON FORCED SPACE

Eugenio Maria Falcone Editore - Palermo - 2014
ISBN 978-88-88335-93-3

A monograph by the art historian Arturo Carlo Quintavalle dedicated to the subject of the photographer Giovanni Battista Maria Falcone, who, through his work, tried to define the notion of “positive space” through a reflection that analyzes various settings, including the old and the new hospital in Vimercate.

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