INSO stands out for its ability in making products that are very different between them, but all characterized by a high level of system design and technology. The Company’s interventions range from industrial and commercial buildings to the industrial plants, the pharmaceutical sector, and the construction and equipping of hospitals, which is still its main activity.

The multidisciplinary know-how developed by the Company allows INSO to manage all the execution stages of a project, from the feasibility study to the preliminary, final and executive design, the procurement of all materials, the construction of civil works, the design and the provision of the building technological fitting (mechanical, electrical and special systems).
This know-how makes the Company particularly efficient in the execution of EPC contracts.

When developing a project, INSO pays special attention to the respect and protection of the environment by offering solutions that limit the environmental impact of the works and optimize the energy consumption, also thanks to innovative proposals such as cogeneration and renewable energy.


INSO has a strong presence in the PPP market and is active in the concessions sector with ongoing contracts in Italy and abroad. This business unit allows INSO to maximize its capacity as a general contractor, with an important focus on healthcare and energy fields. As far as concessions are concerned, INSO is able to design the financial aspects of the project and at the same time manages all the services both with in-house resources (SOF SpA) and in collaboration with major players in the sector.

Medical Technologies

INSO operates as a system integrator for the supply of medical equipment packages. The Medical Technologies Division offers its support to the client in all the activities relevant to the supply of medical equipment and furniture, keeping constantly updated on the evolution of diagnostic and therapy technologies. The know-how developed by INSO ranges from the study of the equipment necessary for the hospital, to its procurement, installation and commissioning, completed by the training of the personnel and by the clinical engineering activity.

The Medical Technologies Division has also gained a thorough experience in the design of hospital sectors with a high concentration of technology, such as the imaging units, the surgery units and the intensive care units, tackling also issues relevant to more innovative systems, such as nuclear medicine, conventional radiotherapy and proton therapy. As for after-sales services, INSO offers solutions that include a scheduled renewal of the equipment at the end of its life cycle, by means of project financing interventions for periods of over twenty years.

Facility Management

INSO is an active player in the facility management sector and looks after the maintenance of buildings and electromechanical plants, the management of utilities and the service of medical technologies. To these “core” management activities, we must add, within the scope of the concession contracts for construction and operation, the organization and management of all hotel and health-related services.

To better respond to the requirements of this specific sector, in 2006 INSO has acquired SOF S.p.A., a company that operates at national level in the facility and energy management sector. With over 20 years of experience accrued in both the public and the private sector, SOF is the ideal partner to carry out maintenance services for buildings and systems, with special attention to heat management and energy efficiency, a field where it can support the client in seizing the best opportunities in the complex world of energy.