31 Oct , 2018
Contract signed for the Paola Primary Health Care Hub in Malta

Ergon Project Ltd, a company of the Inso group operating in Malta, has signed a €22 million contract for the design and construction of the Paola Primary Health Care Hub, a high-tech, innovative facility, for the community of people in the southern part of the island.
With a total surface of over 10,000 square meters on 7 floors, the new hub will provide emergency, outpatient and day hospital services, surgical unit and imaging.
Ergon Project is the leader of a JV with local partner Technoline and the pool of designers formed by LFA architecture, On Greening, PRISMA Engineering and local technical bureau EMPD.
The JV has proposed the LEED Silver protocol for achieving sustainability through the optimization of the construction processes, the efficiency of MEP and IT installations and the use of renewable energy.

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