03 august 2017
INSO enters the Chilean market with a contract of about 173 million Euros

The Condotte Group, through Inso, has been awarded the contract for the design and construction of the Chillán Hospital in the Ñuble province. The tender has been launched by the public health service "Servicio de Salud Ñuble" for the construction of the new hospital, which will become the reference health center for the whole province, thus covering a basin of 21 municipalities and about 430,000 inhabitants.

The contract envisages the development of the project and the construction of the new 530 bed facility, including all wards and diagnostic and care services, including intensive care, radiology, nineteen surgical rooms, five of which are delivery rooms, and a heliport on the cover. The work consists of two basement floors and seven ground floors, for a total area of approximately 130 thousand sqm. The implementation times, starting with the signing of the contract, are nine months for design development and four years for construction.

The economic value of the order is approximately € 173 million, which will be entirely funded by public funds. The Chilean government is in fact engaged in the implementation of an important health investment program that involves the construction of twenty new hospitals in various regions of the country.

Duccio Astaldi, President of Condotte Group, commented: "We are very pleased with the award of this tender in Chile, which represents the first Group entry in the Country where the Government is investing significantly in infrastructure. The result obtained is the consequence of the consolidated experience in the hospital sector of the subsidiary Inso that in this Country is participating in other tenders for the healthcare sector. Chile, in fact, is a market that we consider strategic where we want to grow and consolidate our presence in the long run."

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