We have been making works of public interest,
at the service of the community for over 40 years.
In Italy and worldwide.


INSO was founded in the 1960s as a Prefabricated Building Division of Nuovo Pignone, in the “Pignone Est” facility located in Portorecanati (MC).
Its purpose was to turn into reality the idea of Enrico Mattei, the ENI’s (National Hydrocarbons Authority) founder, to build prefab gas stations, thus closing the oil cycle, from the extraction of the crude to the distribution of the finished product.


In the ‘90s, following the privatizations, INSO abandoned the ENI Group and was acquired, together with Nuovo Pignone, by the US multinational General Electric. At the end of the decade, the Company was sold to Consorzio Etruria, a construction group from Tuscany. In those years, the Company became largely involved in the construction of civil, commercial and industrial buildings, very complex from an architectural and a technological point of view. It was also an active party in the program of upgrading of the hospital network in Greece, where it built and equipped many hospitals.


In the 1970s, the Division extended its activity to the construction of schools, kindergartens and buildings for emergency logistics. In 1976, the Division became a joint-stock company with its current name, an acronym for “Infrastrutture Sociali” (Social Infrastructures). The new company became increasingly important in the construction sector, building offices, hotels, research labs and, most of all, turnkey hospitals. INSO signed its first concession contracts for the construction of hospitals in the regions of Lazio, Lombardy, Tuscany and Marche, giving a significant contribution to the upgrading of the national hospital network. It also acquired the technical and clinical engineering know-how necessary to fit healthcare facilities with the equipment needed to provide all medical, surgical and diagnostic services, and became in a short time a skilful operator also in the supply of medical packages. To the activities performed in Italy, the Company added the interventions carried out on the foreign markets, namely in Algeria, Egypt, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Slovenia, China and Russia.


Since 2000, thanks to the experience accrued in the past with hospital concessions, INSO has entered the sector of public and private partnership, becoming in a short time one of the main national players, with concessions for hospitals in Italy and abroad. To better respond to the requirements of this market, in 2006 INSO has gained control of SOF S.p.A., a historic Florentine company active in facility and energy management. It has also strengthened its presence in new foreign Countries, where it has completed projects both in the healthcare sector and in the construction of complex buildings and towers.

Present Times

In 2012, INSO passed under the control of the Società Italiana per Condotte d’Acqua, a historic company that works on big infrastructure projects, founded in 1880.